In Laterna Magica from 09.05.2018 to 27.05.2018

My main focus lies on the interaction of the human form with light and nature. Creating from a place of intuition there has been a transition in my work from surrealistic storytelling to a more serene imagery with a focus on composition, aesthetics and expression. Water is a recurring theme in my photographs as human existence is intricately linked with the presence of water. My goal is to evoke an emotional response within the viewer as the person is drawn into the scene before them. In order to achieve this, I use heavy post-production to create a different world through colour and light.

Michaela Haider was born in Austria in 1996. She is living in Graz, Austria, but is currently studying in Helsinki, Finland. Initially inspired by the works of Brooke Shaden, she started taking photographs at age 15, taking on the name Lia Niobe for her internet presence and teaching herself the technical aspects of post-processing. Her focus lies on fine art and portrait photography. She has had various publications online and in magazines and her images have been included in the final selection of the photography contest Sprichcode and its group exhibition.


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