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Past events

Thu September 16th 6 PM


Suhina Club: Libero Mureddu

Suhina Club is a monthly concert event where Jukka Kääriäinen (guitar) and Teemu Mustonen (drums) welcome a guest artist to create improvised music with them. The guest in this second club is Libero Mureddu, pianist, improviser, composer and music technologist based in Helsinki, Finland.
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Sat Feb 6th 1-3 PM

Artist Meeting

Meet the Artist Dietmar Tallroth

Things (or less), photography by Dietmar Tallroth delves into the theme of consumerism by looking at the objects we own in new ways. Due to Covid-19 restrictions there is no vernissage for the exhibition but there is an artist meeting at the gallery with Dietmar Tallroth present on Saturday February 6th from 1-3 PM. Please note that adult visitors are required to wear a face mask on our premises. We limit the number of visitors when necessary.
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Sat Jan 16th 12-3 PM


Meet the Artist Alex Markwith

There is an Artist meeting with Alex Markwith at the gallery on Saturday 16th of January from 1 PM to 3 PM. Please note that adult visitors are required to wear a face mask on our premises. We limit the number of visitors when necessary.
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Thursday Dec 17th at 6 PM


Muovi Makkonen

Muovi Makkonen serves us with poetic rock in Finnish. Keyboards Elisa Makkonen, Guitar Tommi Kanerva. Tickets 5 €
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Wed November 25th 6PM


Come, Sweet Death - Songs of Death and Moonlight

Singer Anna Ilveskoski and pianist Anna Seidla have brought together interpretations of these mystical themes of death and moonlight by J.S. Bach, Jean Sibelius, Toivo Kuula, Mart Saar, Martti Hela, Eduard Oja, Claude Debussy and Rentaro Taki Tickets 5 €.
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Saturday Nov 21st from 1-3 PM

Gallery talk

Meet the artist Kari Holopainen

There have been many twists and turns in Kari Holopainen's artistic path. Its sidepaths reach music, book art, painting, print and photography. Holopainen is best known for developing and teaching Polymer photogravure as well as for his uniquely exquisite books and photo portfolios, which combine methods from both photography and print-making. Kari Holopainen's exhibition Polku – Path, and the book by the same name will gather together the many paths of Holopainen's career. Meet the artist at the gallery on November 21st from 1-3 PM
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Thu November 5th, 6.30 PM



Electronic trio Kaukorakkaus will publish their fourth single "Kouvola" in November 2020. Kaukorakkaus' sound is a combination of punk, electro, sensitivity and violence and the new single will follow that road. Tickets 5 € We require the audience to wear a mask during the concert. You can get one free of charge if needed.
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Fri October 16th at 6 PM

Afterwork concert

Jonathan Bäckström trio

Bassist Jonathan Bäckström debuts his new trio featuring Adele Sauros on tenor saxophone and Benjamin Nylund on drums. Tickets 5 €. The audience is required to wear a mask during the concert. You can get one free of charge from the gallery if needed.
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Friday Oct 9th at 7 PM



T.Jarva duo (that being Sami Hassinen and Taneli Jarva ) will open their precious glass playbook and head towards darker tune regions. They will set their iron gloves on the likes of Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Townes Van Zandt. On top of that it will be the world premiere of duo's original tunes ”Venus Is High”, ”A Drunkard’s Prayer” and ”Bride of Jesus”. Attendance will be limited to max 40 persons. 5 € ticket will include a black disposable mask. Friday October 9th Laterna Magica , Helsinki. Solve et Coagula.
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Friday October 9 at 5 PM

Meet the artist

Antti Närhi and Laura Kautovaara

Meet the artists Antti Närhi and Laura Kautovaara at the gallery on Friday October 9th from 5 PM. There is a gig by T.Jarva duo starting at 7 PM that night. Entrance to artist meeting is free of charge but the concert ticket for the 7 PM concert is 5 €.
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Fri October 2nd at 6 PM


Forms of Sound by Livia Schweizer

Italian-Swiss flutist Livia Schweizer brings us a concert in between improvisation and written music. Concert is free of charge.
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Saturday September 12th 1 PM

Meet the artist

Jenni Haili in her exhibition Other I

Jenni Haili will be present at the gallery in her exhibition Other I on Saturday September 12th from 1-3 PM. Free admission.
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Wed September 9th at 7 PM


Maria Lentonen

Maria Lentonen is a Finnish singer-songwriter whose melancholy songs and dark toned singing voice have a timeless sound. Tickets 7 €.
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Saturday August 29th 1 PM

Meet the artist

Jarmo Lehtinen

Meet Jarmo Lehtinen in his photography exhibition in Laterna Magica's Book Gallery space on Saturday August 29th at 1 PM. Free admission.
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Thu August 27th


Juho Koskimies Flamenco guitar concert

Juho Koskimies plays his own compositions in this Flamenco guitar concert in Laterna Magica's cellar gallery. Tickets 5 €. We advise the audience to wear a mask during the concert.
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