Concerts, Artist events, Discussions, Poetry etc.
Thursday July 25th at 6.30 PM


PAI Tapes Presents Emilie Payer, Taneli Viljanen ja Ville Sahlakari

PAI TAPES presents: Émilie Payer, Taneli Viljanen and Ville Sahlakari. This event is also a cassette release party PAITP18 Émilie Payer: Moon Sound
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Thursday August 15th 2019

Evening filled with events

Night of the Arts 2019 in Laterna Magica

Night of the Arts in Laterna Magica is filled with events: music, literary discussions, two exhibition openings etc.
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Past events

Tuesday June 18th at 6 PM

Afterwork Concert

Farantimm + Jukka Kääriäinen

Afterwork concert series continues with contemporary improvisational tunes. Tickets 5 € from Laterna before the gig.
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Tuesday June 18th at 4 PM

Meet the Artist

Heedo Lee

Welcome to meet photographer Heedo Lee and see his exhibition Street Must Go on at gallery Laterna Magica. Lee's exhibition consists of black and white street photography and can be seen at gallery Laterna Magica until June 20th.
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June 14th at 6 PM

Afterwork Prog and Folk


Afterwork concert series continues this time with mystical folksy concert. Tickets 5 €
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May 31st at 7 PM

Poetry and music


Heikkonen–Rasio–Halmkrona is a new trio by well known artist combining poetry and music. Poems by Olli Heikkonen, songs and guitar by Timo Rasio, synths by Janne Halmkrona.
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May 31st from 5 to 7 PM

Exhibition Opening

Heedo Lee: Photograpsh and Hero Gallery - Book Illustrations

Heedo Lee (b.1987) is Korean photographer based in Helsinki whose street photography concentrates on people and animals. Hero Gallery presents illustrations from two popular children's books.
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May 17th at 7 PM

Jazz concert

Perussastamala: May Queen Album release

Perussastama new album May Queen release gig in the cellar.
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Thursday 25.4.2019 at Gallery

Afterwork Electro

Tommi Salomaa

Afterwork gigs at Laterna Magica continue this time with electronic sounds.
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Perjantaina 12..4 2019 klo 17.30

Afterwork Jazz

Jonas Metsäkylä -trio

Jonas Metsäkylä trio tarjoilee Laterna Magican Afterwork-keikkojen sarjassa uusia sovituksia jazzklassikoista
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Wednesday 10.4. ja 24.4.2019 klo 18

Book Yoga for creative types

Book Yoga for writers with Reetta Linnea.
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4.3.2019 klo 18

Äänen lumo -concert


Japanese composer and musician Taku Sugimoto with his band, French musicians: Félicie Bazelaire (bass) ja Léo Dupleix (electronics). Guest, guitarist Lauri Hyvärinen.
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Monday 14.2.2019 klo 17-18

Book Yoga for readers

Are you feeling tense? JOin us in a gentle yoga excercise Viviann Seege.
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MOnday 14.2.2019 klo 17-18


In a Kuulolla-concert audience and performers can not see each other as they are separated with a curtain. Improvised music with 12 musicians.
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Lauantaina 27.4. klo 13


Sanni Seppo ja Ritva Kovalainen

Vapaa pääsy.
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