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The Book Gallery Laterna Magica, founded in 1989, is the cultural treasure of Kruununhaka disrtict in Helsinki that has hosted over 800 exhibitions and has one of most extraordinary book collections in Finland. Art gallery has three unique exhibition spaces, one them a cellar space with a floor consisting of natural bedrock 1,8 billion years old. Laterna Magica also hosts a variety of weekly events from concerts to book discussions.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10-15, Sat 10-15, Sun closed
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Mika Jokinen and Kypybara collective

Two photography exhibitions in our galleries

Until July 18th
Mika Jokinen is an anaesthesiologist who during spring of 2020 worked in the special ward M2 in Meilahti hospital, which was set up to treat patients with covid-19. Jokinen photographed his colleagues and the everyday life in the hospital ward during the epidemic. His unique photographs can be seen for the first time in an exhibition in the cellar and tile gallery at Laterna Magica. In our Book Gallery we will have an exhibition Portaits and stories by the Kapybara collective. Kapybara collective was established in 2016 and consists of artists Heidi Wikström and Tuula Turunen. The collective works with photography, sound and dance in multidisciplinary projects which often engage with topics such as fairytales and imaginary worlds. In this exhibition the collective takes a closer look in the imaginary worlds of small toys. Both exhibitions can be viewed in our galleries until July 18th.
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Photography books

Our collection of photography books is one the best in the country. We have a wide selection of techinal manuals as well as a variety of books from photographers from all over the world.

Book Yoga

Join us in gentle yoga excercise which offers plenty of room for creativity and relaxation.

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