Magical bookstore and gallery at the heart of Helsinki

The Book Gallery Laterna Magica, founded in 1989, is the cultural treasure of Kruununhaka that has hosted nearly 800 exhibitions and has one of most extraordinary book collections in Finland. Art gallery has three unique rooms, one them even with a floor consisting of natural bedrock 1,8 billion years old.
Opening hours: MON-FRI 10-17, SAT 10-15
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Minttu Maari Mäntynen

Resonance, Photographs

Until Sept 14th 2019
Minttu Maari Mäntynen's exhibtion consists of two series: Recurrence and Barren Lands, which have in parts previously been on show in Charles H. Scott gallery in Vancouver, Canada and in White Space gallery in Edinburgh, Skotland. Now for the first time in Finland.
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Kati Koivikko

Riding in a Bright Yellow Wartburg, Photographs

Until Sept 14th 2019
It will be 30 years since the wall that divided Germany came down. What was life like behind the wall? How did it feel to become a part of unified Germany? Kati Koivikko's exhibition presents people from the former DDR, who lived behind the wall and have, since the wall came down in 1989, changed the course of their lives.
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Photography books

Our collection of photography books is one the best in the country. We have a wide selection of techinal manuals as well as a variety of books from photographers from all over the world.

Book Yoga

Join us in gentle yoga excercise which offers plenty of room for creativity and relaxation.

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