Magical bookstore and gallery at the heart of Helsinki

The Book Gallery Laterna Magica, founded in 1989, is the cultural treasure of Kruununhaka that has hosted nearly 800 exhibitions and has one of most extraordinary book collections in Finland. Art gallery has three unique rooms, one them even with a floor consisting of natural bedrock 1,8 billion years old.
Opening hours: MON-FRI 10-17, SAT 10-15
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Aalto&Saitajoki and Korpela

Two exhibitions in our galleries

Until February 22nd 2020
In Cellar and tile galleries we have a joint exhibition by Sirpa Aalto and Juha Saitajoki called Love and Death. Sirpa Aalto's rose pictures are the imagery of love and openness. Juha Saitajoki's framework is the moment of death of Santa Teresa de Jesús, (1515-1582). In our Book Gallery Kirsi Korpelas exhibition Vanitas Art is, as its name suggest, Vanitas-themed and consists of photographs for which she has built still lives and installations. Both exhibitions can be viewed in our galleries until February 22nd 2020.

Photography books

Our collection of photography books is one the best in the country. We have a wide selection of techinal manuals as well as a variety of books from photographers from all over the world.

Book Yoga

Join us in gentle yoga excercise which offers plenty of room for creativity and relaxation.

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