Amidst the Blue a Wind Awaits, performance

Thursday March 9th at 7 PM

Amidst the Blue a Wind Awaits

In the harshness, Sea meeting cliffs of steep,

reefs of rock soft as Air on their gray skin /

breathing into empty spaces in every crack and in-between /

from amidst a light of the deep underneath, is reaching for the bridge of a cold blue breeze /

Still, holding tight, the waves too far above to feel /

tears of the Sea, flowing on like moments past and known /

Time is the Wind in await, before a breath of light it awakes /

as all the colors ever met,

like rememberances from where the Sun never set.

Amidst the Blue a Wind Awaits – performance is a sensitive combination of music, dance, video art and creative writing. It is a collaborative journey into exploration of connection and absence. A dive into the depth and shades of Blue. It is a moment in time which is right here and now but already gone.

Amidst the Blue a Wind Awaits is an otherworldly performance by Katveenkuuntelijat artist couple – Elmeri Pörsti and Saara Vaheristo who create a magical moment of beauty to experience, and open up a view into another world to breathe into.

Elmeri Pörsti and Saara Vaheristo are an philosophy studying artist couple who combine audiovisual art, dance and writing. They work together under the name Katveenkuuntelijat. Together they create performative art which combines magical music, picturesque video art and otherworldly dance to create a moment of beauty for audience to experience.

Elmeri (artist name Manuel Meri) takes in encountered sounds of reality and fuses them into music he makes. Music that is a celebration of the moments of stillness in life.

Saara (performing as Amanda Sarastus) is channeling stories from another worlds into this one with dance and words. She combines modern dance and improvisation with an intuitive connection to

Butoh, creating a movement language that is poetical, sensing and in search of a connected presence in the present.

Design: Elmeri Pörsti, Saara Vaheristo

Choreography, dance, lyrics and poetry, costumes: Saara Vaheristo

Music, video art: Elmeri Pörsti ”Manuel Meri”.

Free Entry.

Voluntary support payment (in cash).