Meet the Artist

Essi Hurme in her exhibition Joitakuita - Someones

Sat April 1st from 1-3 PM

Essi Hurme's exhibition in Laterna Magica's Book Gallery Joitakuita - Someones consists of ceramic sculptures and pastel paintings.

Meet the artist at the gallery on the last day of the exhibition on Saturday April 1st from 1-3 PM. Warm welcome.

The pastel paintings by Essi Hurme are portraits and colour studies of imaginary persons. Her ceramic sculptures or "sitters",as she calls them are a part of a larger series that has been ongoing for years and this exhibition lets some of the sitters take their place on the Book gallery walls.
Essi Hurme (b.1972) is an artist and actor from Helsinki. She moved back to Uusimaa area after several years in Vaasa and now lives in Old Porvoo.

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