Laterna Magica turns 35

Tuesday April 9th, 5-7 PM

Cultural gem Laterna Magica celebrates its 35 years with special exhibitions!

The book gallery Laterna Magica, founded in 1989, is a meeting place for art lovers; antiquarian bookstore and gallery in Kruununhaka, Helsinki. More than 900 exhibitions have been organized in the unique gallery spaces, and its antiquarian book collection is one of the largest in our country. The artists of the 35 anniversary exhibitions are Milja Laakso, Lotta Böhm, Cia Rinne, Panu Rytkönen and Cia Karlsson.

The opening of the festive exhibitions will be celebrated on Tuesday, April 9. from 5 to 7 p.m. The anniversary poem is recited by poet Petra Vallila and the celebration songs are provided by Loiriplukari.

" When the brothers Aapo and Mikko founded Laterna Magica in the spring of 1989, the world was quite a different place. That same year,across the border the Soviet Union was crumbling apart and the first versions of the www were being developed in Europe. Later in the fall, the Berlin Wall came down. But for 35 years, books and art have remained at the core of Laterna Magica's operations, even through many upheavals," reflects Eira Sillanpää, owner of Laterna Magica.

Nearing middle-age Laterna Magica has survived the difficult pandemic years with bruises, but with a wide-ranging programme. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery organizes many different events such as concerts, artist meetings, workshops, reading circles and poetry evenings.

"Versatility has always been Laterna's strength. People have really taken the events as their own and always come back not only to the exhibitions but also for the books.” Eira Sillanpää reflects.

Laterna Magica juhlistaa keväistä merkkipäivää monipuolisen juhlanäyttelykattauksen kera. Kellarigalleriatilan jakavat valokuvaajat Lotta Böhm ja Milja Laakso. Milja Laakso (s.1995) on puoliksi suomalainen ja puoliksi srilankalainen valokuvataiteilija, jolta nähdään teoskokonaisuus Lähen kotoo. Lotta Böhm (s. 1997) on nykyisin Alankomaiden ja Suomen välillä projektejaan toteuttava valokuvataiteilija, jonka teossarjassa Beneath The Leafless Trees (Lehdettömien Puiden Alla, 2023) tutkaillaan ihmisen ja luonnon välisiä samankaltaisuuksia. 

Laterna Magica celebrates the spring anniversary with a several exhibitions. The Cellar Gallery space is shared by photographers Lotta Böhm and Milja Laakso. Milja Laakso (b.1995) is a half-Finnish and half-Sri Lankan photographer, who present a new collection Lähen kotoo. Lotta Böhm (b. 1997) is a photographer who works between the Netherlands and Finland. Her series Beneath The Leafless Trees explores the similarities between man and nature.

The video work Sentences by Finnish-Swedish artist Cia Rinne (b.1973) will be shown in the Tile Gallery space. Rinne works with text, sound, performance and film.

In the Small Stage gallery space, sculptor Panu Rytkönen (b.1983) present a new place specific work called Porvoosta Kruununhakaan- Future Tense Runebergian.

In the Book Gallery space we’ll have an exhibition presenting photographs and posters from Laterna Magica's 35 years and in addition, the space will host a small collection of works by artist Cia Karlsson. The works have been exhibited at Laterna in previous exhibitions in 1998 and 2004.

Laterna Magica 35 - the exhibitions can be viewed in our galleries from April 10th until May 4th 2024. 

Laterna Magica (Rauhankatu 7, 00170 Helsinki) is open Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 5 p.m and Sat 10 a.m to 3 p.m. Sundays closed.