Two exhibition openings

Maailmassani - In My World by Helsinki Art School and Primavera! by Toimela Print Workshop

Tue May 2nd 5-7 PM

Welcome to two exhibition openings on Tuesday May 2nd from 5-7 PM

In Laterna Magica's Tile and Cellar galleries: The graduating exhibition Maailmassani - In My World by Helsinki Art School students consists of paintings, drawings, ceramic art, collage works, animation and two and three dimensional works in mixed media.

Primavera! Oh lovely spring! Welcome to the opening of the spring exhibition by Toimela print workshop on Tuesday May 2nd from 5-7 PM. This group exhibition presents fine art prints from Toimela print maker courses which are lead by Sari Bremer. The exhibition covers several techniques used in fine art printing such as etching, aquatint, wood carving and carborundum.Primavera! presents 20 artists each with their own personal style but all working with the same techniques.

Both exhibitions can be viewed at the gallery until May 20th 2023.Please note that Laterna is closed on Ascension Day May 18th. Contact gallerist Eira Sillanpää for further details: Email: or tel.+358 44 283 1212