Meet the artists at the gallery

Ville Pirinen and Paula Haapalahti

Sat June 17th from 1-3 PM

Meet the artists at the gallery on the last day of the exhibitions. Both exhibitions end on Saturday June 17th at 3 PM.

In Laterna Magica's Tile and Cellar galleries: Ville Pirinen (b.1973) was born in Kitee and lives in Tampere. He is a comics artist and writer and musician. His exhibition Brush Pen on Paper consists of both older material and works that have been made for this exhibition with the aforementioned brush tip pen.

In our Book Gallery Paula Haapalahti's photography exhibition Square #65 - Välitila - The Space between. Haapalahti describes her process: "The photographs in this exhibition reflect my thoughts and experiences in the past 10 years. At first I thought this project might be only for myself but maybe by sharing these works I can share something of myself and reach into the viewers' experience, the space between."