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Eino Pessi, Julia Pärnänen and Viktor Khachtchanski

Abstraction, etching and more abstractions, photography, painting and prints

May 29, 2024
June 15, 2024

The exhibition Abstraction, etching and more abstractions brings together the works of three artists in Laterna's Book Gallery space. The exhibition consists of Eino Pessi's photographs, Julia Pärnänen's artistic prints and Viktor Khashchanskiy's paintings. The opening of the exhibition on Tuesday, May 27, 2024 from 5 to 7 p.m.

Julia Pärnänen's works are prints, etchings, where the subjects are real and imaginary landscapes, details of gardens, parks and urban architecture.

Eino Pessi has often been featured in Laterna Magica with his photographs. This time, the photographs of sea water reflections approach the expression of the painting in their abstraction. He got his first photographic camera already at the age of 13, when it was still the era of film cameras. And photography has been a lifelong hobby ever since. Pessi participated in three photography trips of Timo Kalevi Forss and Martti Lintunen, to the area of ​​ceded Karelia in 2009. Pessi has participated in several group exhibitions.

Viktor Khachtchanski got a diploma in graphic design along with a Master’s degree in audio engineering. While working full-time as an engineer, he was also a graphic designer at a jazz club in the 80s and 90s. Viktor has lived in Finland since 2000. He has held several solo exhibitions in Finland (inc. Kirkkonummi, Turku, Helsinki and Kotka). Viktor is a member of Helsinki International Artists’ Association (HIAA) and Ekenäs Konstförening. He participated in over twenty group exhibitions around Finland, Russia, and Spain during the last fifteen years.

Viktor’s artistic style could be described as music-influenced abstractionism combined with surrealistic appearance.

Above: Photograph by Eino Pessi

iktor Khachtchanski: Children of the City
Julia Pärnänen: Misty Forest