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Inari Aikio-Kytömäki

At the Gates

January 31, 2024
February 17, 2024


Portals, glimpses and messages  - Esoteric pictures about Life, Death and Between.

7 photos, 7 paintings, 7 Talismans.

- Acrylic on canvas/ wood panel,  cemetery photography.

Clay, blood, mixed media.

Inari Aikio-Kytömäki is a Steiner pedagogue and a multi-talented artist from Helsinki: in her studio in Lapinlahti, she paints, writes and sorts through thousands of photographs- the results of long city walks, pictures from near and far.. The studio always has something special and exciting going on... She has made art for more than 25 years, the last exhibition "Esoterica" ​​was held in November 2023.

Her work moves in the lands of esotericism and mysticism; how does Death, Birth or connection to Nature, the Universe and events that many consider "coincidences" fit into the modern human world, without thinking about it further.

With her art, Inari aims to stir, to wake people up, to break attitudes like "everyone thinks like that" and "well, that's how it's always been". Is it? Must it be? What if there is something else? Magic in the middle of the rush hour?

Come with an open mind, bring your puritanical friends along. Like it, push against it, hate it- as long as you find new ways to think.

Exhibition opening on Tuesday January 30th from 5-7 PM. Warm welcome!