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Carita Savolainen and Kristina Haataja

Breath – About the limitations of time, fragility, its power and the traces it leaves behind

July 26, 2023
August 12, 2023

Exhibition opening on Tuesday July 25th from 5-7 PM. Warm welcome!

The exhibition consists of a dialogue between photographs, watercolors and words. The starting point for the whole is a series of photographs that progress in time from the same place and object, a childhood friend by the water, through several years and seasons.

Words and watercolors are closely intertwined with photographs. They are visual elements and hints of the multidimensional levels of realities conveyed by the photograph.

The combination leads us through bodily memory to the feeling of being one with nature, how everything is repetitive, ephemeral and present.

Carita Savolainen Photographs and watercolors

Kristina Haataja Texts

Carita Savolainen is a visual artist who completed her master's degree in France (D.N.S.E.P. with honors). She lives and works in southern France, but has also lived and worked in Helsinki and Brussels for several years. She has led the contemporary art association ... A Sa Place, which has been supported by the French Ministry of Culture in various international exchanges, exhibitions and thematic residency projects that have united the place and its inhabitants. She participates in exhibitions regularly in and outside of Europe with her works, where she emphasizes the relationship with nature through visual means (painting, drawing, installation, video, sound, photo, text). Her works are in several public and private collections. Her approach is essentially related to the concept that each element of nature has its own soul: water, forest, air. The apparent beauty of the works is mixed with an underlying fear of losing everything.

Kristina Haataja is a Finnish translator and writer. She studied languages ​​in Paris, where she lived for twenty years. She has also worked in both countries as a teacher and extensively as an interpreter in various fields. Haataja has published five novels and translated a lot of French literature into Finnish, e.g. Works by Marguerite Duras, Emmanuel Carrère and Jules Verne.

Haataja and Savolainen have already collaborated combining images and words before, e.g. in the multilingual works Olemme jo tavanneet and Katseen kautta (Éléments de langage, 2013 and 2017).