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Merja Castrén, Laura Havanto and Riitu Uosukainen

Canopy, ceramics

December 8, 2022
January 7, 2023

Welcome to exhibition opening on Wednesday December 7th from 5-7 PM.

Merja Castrén, Laura Havanto and Riitu Uosukainen are the ceramics artists behind the exhibition Canopy which reflects on the significance of forests in our lives. For most of us forest is a safe space where one can feel connected to nature, relax, be energized and feel recharged. Somebody might experience forest as intimidating; a place where you can get lost in or where you can meet something that is dangerous or threatening. Forest can also inspire respect; ancient trees and rocks that were formed by the ice age make us feel one with the nature.

Merja Castrén's works present the roots from the earth together with themes such as disappearing forests and diversity. For her the forests, rocks and northern mountains and their dwellers bring inner peace and a sense of belonging: "I am the forest and the forest is within me." Castrén graduated in ceramics design in 2017 and works both in Helsinki at the cable factory and in her home studio in Siuntio.

Laura Havanto experiences the forest as a place where one can hide away from busy every day life. When all the senses are open, the forest opens up a new world. In her works Havanto dives under the canopy and into the world of berries, where myths and folklore are the sources of inspiration. Havanto (b.1980) is glass and ceramics designer and will graduate from Turku Arts Academy later this year.

Riitu Uosukainen's work looks into the meaning of forests to individuals, through fears as well as the source of forest as a comfort. The same forest that feels safe during the day can in the nighttime feel threatening. Uosukainen (b.1975) works at the Helsinki Cable Factory. She has graduated from Kuopio Academy of Design and Häme University of Applied Sciences.