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Jaana Kivi

Cosmic Dreams, paintings

January 10, 2024
January 27, 2024

Exhibition opening on Tuesday January 9, from 5-7 PM. Warm welcome.

The COSMIC DREAMS exhibition series consists of oil and mixed media works in which female figures are in surreal environments, other dimensions and space. The works are connected by dreamlike abstract backgrounds, which are a reference to both the cosmos and the subconscious. In the center are human figures, from whom it is not clear whether they are human anymore.

In addition to classical oil painting, the works in the exhibition series include experimental mixed media: coarse texture, embossing, drips and heavy strokes made with a palette knife. The color landscape of the works is cut through by strong contrast and bold use of contrasting colors. The series is visually captivating and multi-layered. The works were created during the years 2022–2023, and represent the artist's current diverse style.

Jaana Kivi is a visual artist and writer working in Helsinki. Her art has hints of surrealism and magical realism with an abstract twist. Kivi masters different techniques from classic oil painting to mixed media. She creates his works in layers, starting with acrylic and finishing with oil paints. Kivi leaves traces of brushstrokes and uses strong colors, creates contrasts and texture, as well as abstract stretching lines, splashes and drains.

Above: Detail from work Mechanical Insomnia