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Tarja Turpeinen

Es gibt Spiegel und Spiegel... bookworks and artist's books

May 8, 2024
May 25, 2024

A book, both as an abstract work and as a concrete object, is fascinating. In addition to traditional picture-making methods, I am interested in conceptuality, and thus I am presenting a few "theses" about the essence of the artist's book, its reference and connection to the book itself. I like to work serially,and the exhibition itself is also named after a series of works depicting the opening of a book (Finnish: There are mirrors and mirrors...). The starting point of the works have been the front and back cover pages of publishing house Otava's large encyclopedia series with Leonardo da Vinci's self-portraits. The marker fluid dropped on the spread pages produced unpredictable mirror patterns while I was working.

Tarja Turpeinen is a visual artist from Oulu who has studied artists' books through research (Master's degree, University of Jyväskylä 2016) and practical work. She graduated from the University of Arts and Sciences (now Aalto University) as a visual arts teacher (TaM) in 1991.