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Helena Valtonen

Flashbacks of my Audience, photography

January 11, 2023
January 28, 2023

"Flashbacks of my audience" is a performer Helena Valtonen's love letter to her audience, absent during the corona pandemic.  

Performance loving Valtonen, unable to perform and starved of the energy emanated from a live audience, decided to create her own photographic audience.  These photographs are her flashbacks, full of color and colorful personalities.    

"I get a lot of strength from my audience and it carries with me a long time after the show. I cherish this feeling and wanted to depict the reaction of the audience to my imaginary performance - from laughter to sobs.  I love photography as an art form, it is so versatile and instant way to create an image," says Valtonen.    

Helena Valtonen, born in Kuopio, now lives in Vantaa and is a graphic designer by profession. This exhibition combines two of her passions – photography and performing.        

Valtonen's photo exhibition "Flashbacks of my audience" can be seen on the digital screens of the escalators of Helsinki Central Railway metro station from 11 to 17 January 2023 and as prints in the Laterna Magica Book Gallery in Helsinki from 11 to 28 January 2023.  

Supporting the exhibition: The Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations, Finnfoto