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Tuula Vehanen

Fragile, photography

October 25, 2023
November 11, 2023

The exhibition depicts the relationship between man and nature, which is both wounding and vulnerable at the same time. My photographs challenge the definitions of nature and landscape pictures by approaching a purely artistic, abstract picture. At the same time, they achieve an experience of nature on emotional level bypassing the limitations of time and place. Pictorial references and metaphors create a strong connection with nature and approach life's ultimate questions and mysteries.

My photographs are aesthetic. There is also an aesthetic of ugliness that tackles the concepts of beauty. Is death beautiful? Can we enjoy the beauty of a tree destroyed by a pest insect? Sometimes we need new ways of seeing to see what is close to us.

Maisema ei ole vain näkymä vaan se voi olla portti elämykselliseen havaintoon joka kätkee sisäänsä viittauksia ja vertauksia. Läsnä ovat kuolema ja kuolevaisuus, elämän sekä ihmisen ja luonnon suhteen haavoittuvuus ja hauraus mutta myös kaiken pohjalla oleva resilienssi ja elinvoima.

The landscape is not just a view, but it can be a gateway to an experiential observation that hides references and metaphors. Death and mortality are present, as are the vulnerability and fragility of life and the relationship between man and nature, while there is also underlying resilience and vitality.

Tuula Vehanen is Vantaa based photographer and artist who often depicts nature and humanity in interaction. She is also interested in culture and politics and explores themes such as minorities as a part of society. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography and studies in Master's programme for photography in Aalto University .Fragile is Vehanen's second solo exhibition.

Photograph above: Tuula Vehanen: Juuret - Roots