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Petra Giacomelli

Heinäkuun yö - A July Night

June 28, 2023
July 22, 2023

”Heinäkuun Yö - A July Night" is an exhibition inspired by a surrealist short story written by Bruno Schultz (1892-1942) , a polish jewish writer who lived in Drohobych, Austrian Galicia, today part of Ukraine. Exhibition opening on Tuesday June 27th from 5-7 PM. Warm welcome.

The exhibition in Laterna Magica's cellar gallery spaces consists of collage paintings on paper and canvas, artist books, beeswax sculptures and a musical videowork.

The musical work of video art "Pakenevia hetkiä" (Fleeting Moments) is based on 12 pictures on Giacomelli's art journal. Violinist Leena Tuomisto-Saarikoski has improvised the music. She has worked as a violinist with Tapiola Sinfonietta chamber orchestra. The video is made by Kazimir Kolesnik, a dancer, choreographer and video artist.

Petra Giacomelli was born in Helsinki, but has lived in Italy since 1983. She has graduated from the Art Academy in Rome. Her art is often inspired by literature. She has illustrated several works of literature and also uses old books and textiles as material for her collage paintings.

Musical video work Pakenevia hetkiä (Fleeting Moments)

Years ago, I suggested to Petra that I could sometimes play improvisations inspired by her art. We forgot about it for a while but it came up again later when Petra told me about her book which contained 100 of her paintings. In 2019, we finally started working on the improvisations for 12 of those paintings. The improvisations were notated freely, for example, bar lines and exact rhythms were not written down. My improvisations do not attempt to describe the paintings, rather they capture feelings, impressions, and stories, which were spontaneously awakened by Petra's art.


As a child, I used to draw daily on squared pads that I got from my grandfather. Some of my notebooks survived and the hieroglyphs from my childhood are still decipherable. I still fill books and notebooks with pictures. The pages are wordless stories.


In 2019, Leena showed me some of Petra's paintings and that is when this joint project was born. The video reproduction made with 12 of the book's paintings shows them in a new context alongside Leena’s solo violin improvisations.

See the trailer for the video "Pakenevia hetkiä - Fleeting Moments"

Petra Giacomelli