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Antti Kuivalainen

Hetkiä hautausmaalla - Moments at the Cemetery, photography and video installation

January 11, 2023
January 28, 2023

Moments at the Cemetery is a visual exploration into the symbols of memories and past. A glimpse of memorials that are left of us after death. Cemetery is not merely a well kept park where life ends but also a place filled with memories and stories, from grand scale memorial statues to small angels.

Every statue on a grave carries a memory of the lost loved one or can also be a token of appreciation or a story of a life lived, even a small prayer. At the same a memorial in a public space alters that private memory to be a part of something more public, a wider story, which can offer comfort and food for thought for many.

This exhibition consists of photographs and a video that was filmed with a pinhole camera and set in music that I have composed. The first photographs were taken already back in 1993 and I photographed the rest of the material during the past three years on my endless walks at the Hietaniemi Cemetery.

Antti Kuivalainen is a director, light designer and photographer from Helsinki.

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