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Sanna Peurakoski

Homeboys 1996, photography

March 13, 2024
April 6, 2024

Sanna Peurakoski's exhibition from the photo series Homeboys 1996 will take place in Laterna Magica's Tile and Cellar Galleries in March. The exhibition opens on Tuesday, March 12. from 5 to 7 p.m.

Sanna Peurakoski describes the early stages of the work: "The HOMEBOYS1996 exhibition that I am presenting now consists of photographs that I took almost 30 years ago when I was a photography student at the Lahti Institute of Design. It is the final work of a second-year study unit that introduced the use of medium-sized camera formats (e.g. Hasselblad, Mamiya, Zenza Bronica).I took a fancy to the Mamiya camera, which required a slower pace of shooting. The medium-sized camera became the most significant instrument in my professional career as a photographer.

Even the intimate pictures made possible by the mutual trust of the Homeboys 1996 working group remained in my personal storage and were in danger of being forgotten there altogether. Fortunately, they surfaced again a few years ago and caught my attention.

The exhibition at Laterna Magica has been supported by the Art Promotion Center, for which many thanks!

Thank you also Malminkatu 38, and thank you Kristian & Peter."