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Pertti Nisonen

Kansalaisia- Citizens, photographs and wooden sculptures

October 26, 2022
November 12, 2022

Kansalaisia-Citizens will be published as a book together with the exhibition opening on Tuesday October 25th 5-7 PM.

Book and exhibition includes black and white portraits by photographer Pertti Nisonen from years 1979-2021. Texts in the book are by Hanna Weselius and Jan Kaila. Exhibition includes also a small selection of wooden sculptures "Setä-perkeleen saunasta", from the sauna of Uncle Perkele.

Pertti Nisonen describes his journey from photography to sculpting: "Photography at its best is like a game to me. The worse or vague the brief the more felt I could play around with it, experiment, do crazy things. I enjoyed my job. Every new meeting was a chance to do something that had not been seen before. That's what I wanted to find.

I do not understand much about wooden sculpture but the form, human form has stayed with me. You do not have to travel the world when sculpting. Going into the backyard is enough. I did make some sketches before but they turned out to be too fantastical, weird things that in wooden material would have looked like freaks of the old. So I did not go that way. I went looking for something else, something small, something quiet. Just a hint of an idea and then I danced with the wood block.

Photo above:  Pertti Nisonen: Artist Outi Heiskanen, Lallukka 2013

Exhibition poster and invitation by Jorma Hinkka
Pertti Nisonen: Actor, director, playwright Leea Klemola