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Laterna Magica 35

April 10, 2024
May 4, 2024

In the spring of 2024, we will celebrate Laterna's 35-year history with several anniversary exhibitions. The opening of the exhibitions will be celebrated on Tuesday, April 9. from 5 to 7 p.m. The opening celebration poem is recited by poet Petra Vallila and the celebration songs are served by Loiriplukari.

Aapo and Mikko Pekari founded Kirjagalleria Laterna Magica in the spring of 1989. At first, alongside the antiquarian bookstore, exhibitions were organized in the Book Gallery space. However, the Cellar Galleries were opened after a few years, at the end of 1991. In the past 35 years galleries have hosted more than 900 exhibitions, most of which have been photography exhibitions. Gallerist Risto Korhonen was responsible for gallery operations in 2006-2018. Laterna changed hands in 2018 when Eira Sillanpää and Tapio Wilska bought the operation. Even after being badly damaged by the pandemic years, Laterna's activities continue with the antiquarian bookshop, exhibitions and a diverse range of events. Find out about Laterna's history and activities here.

Anniversary exhibitions:

The Cellar Gallery space is shared by photographers Lotta Böhm and Milja Laakso:

Milja Laakso (b.1995) is a half-Finnish and half-Sri Lankan photographer whose studies at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts photography department began in September of last year, in Antwerp. Laakso's background with commercial and fashion photography has slowly shifted to a more experimental direction, as her studies have shaped her interest in more cinematic moments and combining glass works and photography. Strong colors, shadows and frozen moments best describe Laakso's photographic work.

In the Cellar Gallery Laakso's photo series "Lähen kotoo", originated from her first year Elements assignment. Combined with Laakso's father's photographs from Australia, New Zealand and Tonga in the 90s, an intimate view of the daughter's and father's images is formed.

Milja Laakso, sarjasta Lähen kotoo

Lotta Böhm (b. 1997) is a photographer who currently realizes her projects between the Netherlands and Finland. Böhm's works often focus on the theme of nature and the relationship between man and nature. Böhm is interested in the power of photography and the possibilities brought by the practice as a means of expression and as a messenger. His visual style is considered poetically serene, without forgetting the deeper themes behind the images.

The series Beneath The Leafless Trees (Lehdettömien Puiden Alla, 2023), which can be seen in the Cellar Gallery, originated in the Netherlands as a result of a longing for nature. The distance from the homeland and its nature started to resemble mostly a faded memory of the past. The project explores the similarities between man and nature, as well as subtle differences, asks questions and plays with possible answers. Have we become alienated from Mother Nature's tender grasp? Is it possible to find a path to peaceful coexistence anymore?

Lotta Böhm: sarjasta Beneath The Leafless Trees, 2023

The video work Sentences by Finnish-Swedish artist Cia Rinne (b.1973) will be shown in the Tile Gallery space. Rinne is a Finnish-Swedish poet and artist who lives and works in Berlin. Rinne works with language. In her work, she combines different languages and art forms: text, sound, performance and film.

Cia Rinne, still-kuva videoteoksesta Sentences

The Small Stage gallery space hosts Panu Rytkönen's new work  Porvoosta Kruununhakaan - Future Tense Runebergian, 2024. , Space specific work, wood, iron and found objects. The works is our national poet J.L. Runeberg's 2024 sculptural journey at the Laterna Magica 35 exhibition. The work consists of rare printed and photographic material, as well as objects connected to J.L. Runeberg.

Panu Rytkönen (b. 1983) is a Master of Fine Arts and sculptor living and working in Helsinki, who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in 2002-2008. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in various galleries, mainly in Helsinki, and participated in joint exhibitions in Finland and abroad.

See more: The work has been supported by Taike.

Panu Rytkönen: Porvoosta Kruununhakaan - Future Tense Runebergian, 2024

In the Book Gallery Space, we'll build an exhibition presenting photos and posters from Laterna Magica's 35 years. In addition, the space will host a small collection of works by the artist Cia Karlsson, which have been exhibited at Laterna in previous exhibitions in 1998 and 2004. The works have been selected from the 1998 exhibition Paper life cycle, which consisted of paper sculptures, artist books and poetry boxes. Also included is the photo work Body Double, which was exhibited at Laterna in 2004, a unique handmade and memory game published by WSOY.

Cia Karlsson: Runorasia, 1998. Rasiassa Pentti Holapan runo Kädet kokoelmasta Älä Pelkää, 1997 (WSOY)