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Tero Makkonen, Tini Sauvo and Esa Lindroos

Lepäävä kuu – photographs | Firmamento – mixed media art |Syvyyden pinta – sound

October 4, 2023
October 21, 2023

In our Tile Gallery, Tero Makkonen's mystical night vistas can be seen in the photo exhibition Lepäävä kuu. Tini Sauvo's glimmering textile works glow in the basement gallery, with the theme Firmamento, celestial sphere. Spaces and artworks are connected by the sound world created by Esa Lindroos.

Exhibition opening on Tuesday October 3rd from 5-7 PM. Warm welcome!

Tero Makkonen: LEPÄÄVÄ KUU, photographs

"What if the moon stopped to rest,

threw itself to be supported by the trees.

would leave the usual circling even for a moment,

for a moment of a photograph"

In Tero Makkonen's photography exhibition, the moon rotating in the sky stops to rest on various outcrops of the natural landscape; tree tops, branches or even the bottom of a lake. The illusions of the photographs are created by combining details visible at different distances in the camera's viewfinder at the time of shooting to "collide" on the same line as the moon is visible in the sky. The tele focal length and narrow depth of field blur the terrain details into a soft, painterly look, which has been a part of his photographic style for over ten years.

Tero Makkonen (born 1971) is a photographer and filmmaker from Vantaa. Working on photography projects related to nature he has produced more than 30 photo exhibitions around Finland. Atmosphere, light and  natural elements are central to his work.

Above left Tero Makkonen's photograph Lepäävä kuu

Tero Makkonen: Lepäävä kuu #2

Tini Sauvo: FIRMAMENTO, material based mixed media works

The works are inspired by the ancient earth-centered world view, the Cosmos, the Firmament, the celestial sphere. In its inner rings, the Sun, the Moon and the planets revolve around the Earth located in the center. The works made of metal wire and audible textiles also depict ancient elements, earth, water, air and fire. In the background, myths and tales hum and whisper about the birth of the world and those who give birth, the forges of the firmament, the upper and lower worlds.

Tini Sauvo (b. 1946) is an illustrator from Helsinki, she works also on animated films and children's books. As a freelance artist, she has held dozens of gallery exhibitions, where she has exhibited original textiles and mixed media sculptures made with experimental techniques.

Above right: Tini Sauvo: Arcticus


Tini Sauvo: Jäämeri