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Sanna Johansson

Maisemasta, photographs

December 7, 2023
January 6, 2024

Sanna Johnansson's photography exhibition opens in Laterna Magica's Tile and Cellar gallery on Tuesday December 5th from 5-7 PM. Please note that the gallery is closed on Independence day December 6th.

Sanna Johansson descbribes her working methods: "Maisemasta - On Landscape" photo exhibition consists of black and white landscape photos that I have photographed in a pictorialist way. At the beginning of the 20th century, pictorialism was a style in photography that was influenced by painting. A suitably foggy and romantic atmosphere was sought for the photos. Pictorialists often processed images in the printing stage.

I have long been interested in landscapes and places. What fascinates me is how each place has its own atmosphere. My own rootlessness has probably been the underlying reason why landscapes have become so important to me. I have chosen subjects for photography following pictorialist ideals."