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Pekka Aino, Erkki Peltomaa and Hannu Peltomaa

Perforated Hide- snapshots by Finnish film-makers in the 1970s and 1980s, photography

August 18, 2023
September 9, 2023

Perforoitua selkänahkaa- Perforated Hide- snapshots by Finnish film-makers in the 1970s and 1980s

Laterna Magica's book gallery hosts a unique exhibition where we get a glimpse into Finnish film-making of 1970s and 1980s, and behind the scenes too. Photographs by Pekka Aine, Eki Peltomaa and Hannu Peltomaa.

Exhibition opening on the Night of the Arts, August 17th from 5-7 PM. Warm welcome!

Photo above by Pekka Aine: Kirsti "Kise" Otsamo takes a break from filming Iso Vaalee (1983).

Exhibition is organized by Risto Jarva -seura

Finnish filmindustry was facing many challenges after the studio period and new wave had passed in the 1970s. The resources were scarce, film crews small and the films were not gaining wider recognition.

PERFOROITUA SELKÄNAHKAA -Perforated hide - exhibition takes the viewer behind the scenes and presents photographs that show the amount of work, passion and love that the magic of film-making is made of.

These photographs have been collected from the archives of long term film-makers Pekka Aine(b.1948), Eki Peltomaa (b.1945) and Hannu Peltomaa (b.1941). We get to see behind the scenes of productions by Risto Jarva and Rauni Mollberg. Exhibition includes photos from productions of Bensaa suonissa (1970), Maa on syntinen laulu (1973), Yhden miehen sota (1973),  Lottovoittaja UKK Turhapuro (1976), Mies joka ei osannut sanoa ei (1975), Aika hyvä ihmiseksi (1977), Jäniksen vuosi (1977), Kiljusen herrasväki (1981) ja Iso Vaalee (1983).