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Reijo Porkka in Memoriam

December 7, 2023
January 6, 2024

Helsinki-based photographer Reijo Porkka (1947-2023) started shooting at a very young age. He got an apprenticeship at an advertising photography studio at the age of 17, but had been shooting as a hobbyist even before that. He spent his working career in advertising photography, first in OTK's photo studio and then as an entrepreneur with a colleague until his retirement.

He became known in the 70s for his concert and party photos, as well as his tango-themed photos taken from dance venues all over Finland. His pictures traveled around the world in exhibitions in the 70s and 80s. Reijo has also done significant historical recording by interviewing dozens of old photographers, as well as 14 war photographers. His pictures can be found in the collections of the Museum of Photography.

During his career, he received several recognitions, awards and grants.

The daughter of Reijo Porkka,Minna Ilonen who is the organizer of the exhibition, remembers her father:

"I got the idea to organize a memorial exhibition, because I remembered your words that you would like to organize an exhibition one more time. You didn't have time to do that anymore, because death arrived unexpectedly in your own home in the middle of summer 2023.

You could write at least a memoir or a book about your life. From your long career, you always told us great stories, which helped us get into the moment of filming, and into the atmosphere of the time when we didn't even exist yet.

I would like to say to you somewhere that you are in our conversations and memories every day. You now have this exhibition, which you probably would have liked to have been organized and we are really proud of your work. Your pictures will live forever and people can see the world through your eyes."

Remembering you,

Daughter Minna

Reijo Porkka