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Janne Hernes

Steel and Clouds, photography

October 25, 2023
November 11, 2023

Exhibition opening on Tuesday 24 October, 5 – 7 pm. You are most welcome!

Steel and Clouds is a photography series depicting urbane, industrial constructions and clouds. 

The visual attraction of the images is based on dialogue between architectural geometry and fluidity of the clouds. Steel constructions photographed against dramatic skies are detached from their location and proportions.

Ladders, stairs and grids rising up to heavens are a recurrent theme of the images. The viewer is enticed to ascend towards the unknown. Changing, ephemeral clouds defy the permanence of metal, eventually corroding the steel and concrete that reaches out to the skies.

The series consists of black and white giclée prints printed by the photographer.

Janne Hernes (born in Oulu 1981) is a Finnish photographer based in Ireland. His classic black-and-white photographs have a melancholic undertone that invites the viewer to contemplate. Hernes is qualified as a teacher of philosophy. He has studied philosophy and art education and worked in different positions in the field of education.

Finnfoto – The Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organizations has supported the exhibition.

Work above: Praying Wheels, 2021

Janne Hernes: The Crossing, 2021