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Mira-Veera Auer

Välähdys ihmisestä - A Glimpse of a Human, photographs

June 26, 2024
July 13, 2024

Mira-Veera Auer's photo exhibition will take place in Laterna Magica's Book Gallery space at the end of June. "A glimpse of a Human" deals with and reflects on the complex mind, self-esteem and contradictions of a person.

Auer reflects on the themes behind her exhibition: "My work deals with, for example, people's expectations and fears in the face of rules: prejudices, privileges, crushing pressures and expectations, as well as with themes of shame and depression.

Being human is complicated. There are rules. There are expectations. Assumptions. Prejudices and wishes that are constantly being tried to be fulfilled and overcome. I describe people's relationship to life and to other living beings. I see the duplicity of humanity, the double moralism, the journey to and from moralism. Difficult choices. Moral confusion.

I'm often fascinated by things that bother me. I try to outline, process and think about them in my pictures during the process of making the work. Maybe looking for new and different perspectives on the questions. Sometimes I hope to spark a conversation with my art, and on the other hand, sometimes I want the images to be constructed as if they are performances in themselves, which also have value as visual works. Sometimes even these goals can conflict with each other."

Exhibition is supported by Finnfoto ry.

Mira-Veera Auer: Omakuva