Dietmar Tallroth

Things (or less), valokuvia


Dietmar Tallrothin mustavalkoisista valokuvista koostuva näyttely pureutuu konsumerismiin ja tarkastelee jo omistamiamme tavaroita uusin silmin.

Do you even know how many buckets or forks you own? The rise of consumerism during the past 100 years has not only made us buy more and more but it has also devaluated what we already have. No matter how new our things are, there is always something newer, better or more cool already waiting around the corner. Everything we have becomes outdated almost as soon as we buy it.

Through buy-and-discard behaviour waste mountains grow, resources are depleted and the whole biosphere, nature on which we ourselves depend, suffers. But can we even change? This project tries to fall in love with things we already own. It attempts to see things not as something only that serves us, but as shapes, materials, objects in their own right and in various and new contexts. Does a term like “objects of desire” tell about objects - or rather about us? Is there a better way to look at our surroundings than through the lens of our desires and needs? Is it possible by giving attention to the things around us to shape our perception of the world? This project invites to reflect on these topics.”