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The Invisible Travelers - project: CALVINO 100! Visiting the invisible cities

To 16.11. klo 18

CALVINO 100! Visiting the invisible cities - Vierailu näkymättömissä kaupungeissa on 45 minuutin esitys jossa huilisti ja taiteilija luovat piirustuksen ja musiikin keinoin teoksen Italo Calvinon Näkymättömät kaupungit -teoksen inspiroimana.

Liput 7 € Laternan kassalta ennen tapahtuman alkua.

CALVINO 100! Visiting the invisible cities is a 45-minute performance for a flutist-performer and real time drawing by the Invisible Travelers Inspired by Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities.

Tickets 7 €

Livia Schweizer ( as flutist, object player, and performer-composer

Inka-Maaria Jurvanen ( as visual artist and real time drawer

Livia and Inka will present a performance inspired by Calvino’s book Invisible Cities through a dialogue between real time drawing and improvised music. Selected sections of the book will serve as guidelines and starting point for the performance to unfold, following a map of themes and symbols found in Calvino’s book.

The Invisible Cities are full of different and fascinating descriptions that take the reader to unknown dimensions where language and time change meaning and form. In them, memories, time, the visible and the invisible merge into complex webs, and words do not seem to be enough to express what Marco Polo experienced when visiting the marvelous cities. Our performance will be the result of a dialogue and encounter between our own personal interpretations of Calvino’s cities, through our own artistic mediums and personal interpretation. When the live music performance ends, the drawing will remain in display as a memory of the travel that has been.

The audience will be encouraged to draw a long during the performance if they feel like it.

Therefore, this year we are celebrating hundred years of Calvino, and this performance wants to be our way to celebrate a mind and writer that keeps inspiring and opening the minds of many through his books!

The event lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The Invisibel Travelers duo was born with the wish to explore how visual and sonic elements can influence and dialogue together. Sound, ink, and improvisation inspired by texts are the main mediums used by the duo. Inka-Maaria (b.1980) is a visual artist living and working in Vantaa. Her mediums are drawing and installation. Time and the structures of different worldviews are key elements in her work. Since 2007 Inka has had multiple solo exhibitions and participated in curated group exhibitions in Finland and internationally. Her works are in the collections of Kiasma and Finnish State Art Deposit.

Livia (b.1994) is a flutist, improvisor, educator and curious listener. Born and raised in Italy, she is based in Helsinki where she works as freelancer. She is co-founder of the new music ensemble Earth Ears Ensemble and she has been working as freelancer with several Finnish orchestras and ensembles. Livia is especially interested in how improvisation and new and ‘non-conventional’ notation can be a medium to encourage interdisciplinary connections and create intercultural dialogue, around this topic she started in the fall of 2023 her artistic doctorate in Uniarts, MuTri doctoral school.

Instagram account: @invisibletravelers_project