Marcus Wärnheim ja Jonathan Bäckström

To 7.10. klo 18

Afterwork-konsertissa  kuullaan Jonathan Bäckströmin (kontrabasso) ja Marcus Wärnheimin (saksofoni) soolokonsertit ja loppuun yhteissetti. Liput 5 €.

Marcus Wärnheim is a Swedish reed player and an emerging improviser based in Amsterdam, where he recently moved after graduating from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Marcus’ expression ranges from minimalistic exploration of timbres to explosive free jazz. He is currently active in projects based in Sweden, Denmark and Finland that involve musicians and performers from all over Europe.

Marcus’ solo work is an ongoing work in process, where he is discovering the physical reality of the alto saxophone. Through un-linear repetitiveness, extended techniques and spatial awareness he questions, distorts and extends his musical language into hypnotic dreamscapes.

Jonathan Bäckström is a Helsinki based bassist from the Finnish west coast. He graduated from Novia UAS in 2019 and has since been an in demand musician on the Helsinki music scene. Jonathan is an expressive musician working with different genres of improvised music and rhythm-music genres. He is currently active with several projects with artists from all round the world and is also leading his own quartet and trio projects.

Jonathan's solo work explores different perspectives of the double bass. The process consists of un-learning internalised material using extended technique, props and improvisation. The music opens new doors into unexplored landscapes and textures.