Mixa Fortuna ja Mario Massa: NAINEN ABATJOUR

To 25.11.2021 klo 18


Perfomanssiprojekti, jossa kirjoitetaan sokkona.

Käsite, ohjaus, esiintyjä MIXAFORTUNA

Musiikki: MARIO MASSA trumpetti ja prosessorit sekä sähköiset ympäristöt

Carrying out a performance-art project about handwriting without eyes: around inner visualization and concentration, through sound and music ... and through a play. With the magic advice of an overhead projector...

Concept, direction, performer MIXAFORTUNA

Music: MARIO MASSA trumpet and processors and electronic environments

#suitable for children

# Every audience gets a free handmade notepad and brochure with some notes from the pad game so you can include the song you are watching

Performance project supported by the Center for the Promotion of the Arts - Taike.

The project wants to reach people in their daily lives, because we need to remember strongly and clearly that theater and all its features and music are a public service dedicated to people to enhance humanity and create dignity in everyone’s lives. Discover beauty and relieve pain. And laugh, cry ...